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The Ultimate Sports Car
The legend of the iconic Porsche because its debut in 1963 carries on to grow with the latest iteration, which is four inches longer, includes a two inches wider front track and is 56 lbs lighter than the last version without losing any of its timeless proportions. The timeless design of Ferdinand Porsche lives on in grand fashion. The generation 911 refines the driving experience, and that's since there was little wrong with the production automobile, to say a mouthful. You might be hard pressed to get a sports car which melds magnificent acceleration handling, a cockpit, and daily usability well. 

The 2013 911 Carrera S handles its road traction is nothing short of exceptional and as well as any car we've driven. No fear, however, the steering setup is outstanding. New is a seven-speed manual transmission which in reality works as a six-speed that is conventional. The equipment amounts to overdrive for cruising. And you're locked out from the final gear unless you visit 6th gear first. We discovered that in 7th, the Porsche has decent acceleration. The equipment that is extra is one reason Porsche managed to accomplish an EPA rated 27 miles. While we found the manual very responsive with accurate throws among the finest on earth the way to go is with the PDK seven-speed of Porsche. 

For instance, In one measured test the Carrera S finished a 0-to-60 run in 4.6 seconds with all the manual and in an astounding 3.9 seconds with the automated manual. There are performance buttons labeled Sport along with Sports Plus which whenever engaged modify the shift Points for PDK transmission and companies up everything toward race track levels. There is also a button to make all the exhaust note louder, which is addictive. We never leave home without Sports Plus along with the sweet exhaust note engaged. Among all the more amazing aspects of all the 911 is how huge the interior is for a sports vehicle with all ample room for a big guy. 

And cargo capacity was adequately utilizing the rear seats, that are too small for human habitation. Fold the backrests down and a good sized storage space opens up. Good thing, too, since the front mounted trunk is not bigger than an oversized glovebox. Instrumentation is first class, and we've always in love with the large digital speedometer. Controls like audio, climate, and navigation are intuitive. We're impressed with all the build quality and all the impeccably assembled interior. Just about every surface can be covered in high priced leather or substance that imitates the good stuff. This Porsche not only supplies an exhilarating breathtaking and rewarding thrilling experience at the push of the accelerator pedal but luxury details commensurate with all its price. One big disappointment with the 911 there's no rearview camera available.

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